Sun with face looking at you.


Photographs by Jeffrey Baumgartner


Fresh Christmas Trees Highly Secure Facility Post Industrial Charleroi 3 Post Industrial Charleroi 2 Post Industrial Charleroi 1 The Wooden Path Ira 3 Ira 2 Ira and Pixie Ira 1 Butterfly Dreams Jeroen Jeffrey Unravelled A Curious Side Effect (of the Covid-19) vaccination A Man and His Balloon Finally got my first COVID-19 jab. One rather disturbing side-effect C3PO Selling Chocolate in Leuven Self Portrait The Many Moods of Ruth Inge Basking in the Light of Saturn Where the Grey World Meets the Green World Photo Madness No Crucifixions Beyond This Point Bad Chair Day The Disturbing Bookshelf Abbey Road, Erps-Kwerps Three Jeffreys on a Sofa When Clones Go Bad Look what I found!



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