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Cartoon: transexual tells father his daughter has hurt herself in the women's bathroom

Transvestite in the Bathroom 

By Hank Redneck

It was a Saturday lunchtime and I took my little Sarah Ann to our favorite burger restaurant. I'm divorced and only get Sarah Ann every other weekend, so I like to take her out someplace special for lunch and she sure does love burgers and fries with so much ketchup on 'em, you wouldn't believe it!

She told me she had to do "number one" and ran off to the bathroom. After five minutes I began to worry and by ten minutes I was set to ask the man behind the counter if there was a girl working there who could check on my seven year old when a big, black woman came over to me and said, "excuse me sir, but is that little blond girl in the bathroom your daughter?"

"Why, yes she is," I said suspiciously. There was something funny about this woman.

"She slipped on the floor and hit her head real hard," said the woman.

Well, of course, I got up immediately and followed this woman to the bathroom. She pushed open the door and gestured for me to go in, but I looked away; there was no way I was going to look into the woman's bathroom, that's sick. So, I looked at her instead and that's when I got it. This supposed woman had an Adam's apple. She was no woman, she was a man! A sick, perverted man in woman's clothes.

"Were you in the bathroom with my little girl?" I demanded.

"Sir, look, your daughter is laying on the floor. I think you should help her," she said, pointing inside. But I wouldn't look. What kind of pervert did he think I was?

"Are you fucking sick?!" I shouted and I hope you'll pardon my French but I was shocked to think that this sicko man in woman's clothing was in the bathroom with my baby daughter.

"Sir, please," he said looking real sad and real ridiculous in that woman's dress.

I shouted to the manager, "This man was in the woman's bathroom!" and thank the Lord he had the good sense to call the police right away.

Within five minutes a team of armed police officers came and hauled that pervert away. And do you know what he did when they cuffed him? He cried. He kept saying, "but your daughter, please help her!" Made me wonder what he did to her.

After a couple of the officers hauled that sick faggot away, I told the remaining officer, who was talking to the manager, about my daughter. But they were all men and of course could not go into the woman's bathroom. So, he called for a policewoman to come and check on my little girl.

Well, it took a little while and by the time the police lady came and checked Sarah Ann, my poor daughter had passed away from loss of blood.

It broke my heart.

And, you know, I've been thinking about that day, 'cause it keeps me awake at night. There was something so wrong about it. I just keep thinking and thinking. It's just not right. You know, that sicko might have looked at my daughter's private parts. Maybe he even touched her there! We need better laws to keep perverts like that out of woman's bathrooms. Maybe they should put locks on the door and make people show their IDs before they go into the toilet.



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