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Cartoon: couple making love shocks priest, not God 

Chapter 4: Talking Sex with God 

Since my conversations with God usually took place during walks across stunning landscapes, I was surprised on one occasion to find myself in bed – well, on bed – with God. We were in a large, airy and warm room in a building with stone walls and a tiled floor decorated with traditional Iranian style carpets. A large, glassless window overlooked a beautifully desolate city. Not a person was in sight.

The room contained a large canopied bed and a couple of simple yet elegant chairs all made of wood. God and I sat on either side of the bed. Very chaste.

“Why is it,” she asked, “that so many of my children – and especially those who claim to be most devoted to me – have such hangups about sex? They seem to think it is a nasty, evil thing! But sex can be so beautiful in its action and in the fact that it results in a child.”

“Such people believe that the act of sex should be between husband and wife only,” I said.

“Oh that's nonsense,” said God. “How can young people find partners with whom they are truly compatible if they cannot try out love making with potential partners?”

“But in the ancient religious texts, it was always stated that sex should be between man and wife. As you know, religious zealots have been reluctant to update their thinking or their texts,” I noted, reflecting back to my fist conversation with God.

“Well, I didn't say anything of the kind,” said God. “But the world was a different place then. Although sex is beautiful, it can also have consequences, such as sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancy. So, it made sense to be careful about sex and, especially for a woman, to ensure she had a reliable partner for raising and providing for the child.

“But today, birth control options allow couples to enjoy sex without the consequences that my children of times past suffered. When will you, my children, grow up?”

“So, you don't feel that sex is anything to be hung up about?” I asked God, noting that in the soft light of the room, she was beginning to look most attractive.

“No,” said God. “But sex with God would hardly be appropriate!”

“Quite,” I thought as I walked to the window to admire the strange view on last time.



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