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Cartoon: Angry man berates woman and then apologises 

Chapter 5: Hurting a Friend 

One moment I was sitting at my home office's conference table, drinking a coffee and feeling badly about my recent actions. The next I found myself in the passenger seat of a Mercedes Coupé racing at high speed across a winding, deserted highway. God was at the wheel and driving with great skill. I suppose it should not have surprised me that She could also drive remarkably well. She is, after all, God.

“I screwed up,” I said.

“That you did,” she replied.

“I hurt a very dear friend owing to a selfish action. At the time, I was upset and thought only of getting even and my immediate satisfaction, rather than how my actions would affect my friend.”

“Yes, that's true,” She replied.

“Worse, I could have done it very differently, and in a less hurtful way,” I continued.

“Indeed,” she replied.

“And...” I continued.

“Why are you telling me all of this?” God interrupted.

I thought for a moment. “I suppose I want to get it out of my system.”

“Telling me may help you understand your actions. But your friends are better able to help you there. In any event, you would do much better to tell the friend whom you hurt. But put your own ego aside and leave your pride at home. You may think it will feel better to try and pin some of the blame on her. But, she hurts enough as it is. You chose your actions. You must take responsibility for them. Explain yourself. Apologise and take full responsibility. If she forgives you, you can work on solving your problems on way or another.”

“But she hurt me very much! That's part of why I did what I did,” I protested.

“Then you must forgive her,” She explained while sliding the car through a long curve with amazing grace.

“I shall try,” I said.


And, in a flash, I was back at the table. My coffee was still warm. I drank it hoping the caffeine would somehow help me to forgive. But I suspected the help I needed was deeper within me.




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