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The Big Bang created not only physical energy, but also intellectual energy 

Chapter 6: How the Universe Began 

God and I walked along a golden beach beneath rich orange sun that filled more of the sky than our the sun. I've never been sure of the reality of the landscapes upon which She and I walk. I only know they are jaw-droppingly, stunningly beautiful.

“So,” I asked, after we had walked in silence for some time. “did you create the heavens and earth in six days are rest on the seventh?”

“Heavens, no!” She exclaimed with an ungodlike giggle. “I didn't create it at all, of course.”

“Well, where did it come from? Are the cosmologists correct?” I asked. "Did the universe form from the big bang?"

“For the most part, they are correct,” She said. “Some of the details are wrong and scientists in your time are only grasping a small part of the energies that were involved in the big bang and which still exist now.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“The big bang was the result of an incredible amount of mental energy that could not exist outside of time and space,” She explained.

“I see,” I said, not sure if I saw at all and wondering why I even bothered to pretend I understood. Surely She would see through such white lies more readily than my ex-wives and girlfriends who also had a knack for seeing through me.

“In the beginning,” she began, “neither time nor space existed. There was only a massive intellectual presence – call it the Intellect – that existed within a singularity. This was me, but also much more. In that singularity outside of time and space, I was truly all knowing. But so much intellectual power, emotion, love, hate and curiosity could never exist within such a singularity. The mental energy was too great.

"So, the singularity exploded in what the scientists call 'the Big Bang'".

We paused for a moment to watch the waves crashing on the orange beach beneath the monstrous sun.

“It was a chaotic thing, really," she continued. "Not the sort of event a god would create at all, if she could control it. The explosion created space, time, matter and eight types of energy,” she continued.

“I thought there were four types of energy: electromagnetic, gravitational, weak and strong,” I said.

“Well, yes. Scientists in your time are familiar with those, of course. But there are four other types of energy associated with the Intellect and consciousness” she explained.

We began walking along the beach again.

“The explosion tore apart the Intellect into tiny shards and scattered them amidst the molecules of the Universe, but in a...” and here she paused for a moment. “let's call it another dimension that connects sentient begins. Each of these tiny shards of the Intellect became or will become the intellect in a being.”

“And when we die?” I asked.

“When you die, your intellect leaves your space-time and again becomes a part of the Intellect in the singularity. Indeed, it is this coming together of all the shards of Intellect in the singularity that creates the mental pressure that causes the Big Bang, which creates space and time. It is a cycle.” She explained.

This was quite a concept. “Is it a single cycle?” I asked.

“No, every cycle is different. But since each is of its own space-time, they all exist in parallel. Scientists working in quantum mechanics will work this out soon.” She said.

“That's absolutely mind boggling,” I said.

“I know,” she said as we walked away from the beach towards an outcropping of palm trees where we came upon a tiny yet elegant wooden table, covered with an Indian patterned cloth and supporting a bottle of red wine and two glasses. “And I've simplified it. But don't worry. It all works out most elegantly. Now let's have a glass of wine and admire the sunset over there.” She pointed to the horizon into which the giant sun was sinking and an explosion of reds, oranges, yellows and whites.

It was a fantastic sunset and an incredible bottle of wine.




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